Retractable Awning & Shades

The Awning Of A New Era

Every home has an outdoor space that homeowners enjoy to spend their time at and enjoy the outdoors. But what if it gets too hot in the summer, or there isn’t enough shade provided by the house to help keep the heat and the harmful rays of the sun away? Perfect time to get a retractable awning! Eclipse Awnings offers a variety of newly motorized and retractable awnings to better keep the sun out and help keep the lovely deck/patio shady and cool. Providing protection for your patio area or deck from the harmful sun, and adding a modest and modern look to your home, a great feature for any home! Eclipse Awnings provide pleasure to your outdoor living needs all while saving energy costs and reducing energy heat gain up to 77%. Choose from a wide variety range of retractable awnings of your choice and have it installed in no time! Sizes can range up to 16’6×40 feet. Don’t see something you like? Eclipse Awnings offers customizable awnings to help better fit your liking!

Eclipse Retractable Awning

Retractable Awnings | Retractable Solar Shade

Ideal for roof mounting, and perfect for residential or commercial use, the Eclipse Premier is the upgrade of the base Eclipse Models. It features greater projection depths and wider measurements, it still maintains its sleek lines and elegant exterior appearance.

Eclipse Awning – An Upgrade to Your home

All of Eclipse Awnings’ patio awnings and deck awnings are here! Whether you were looking for an extended or retracted awning, Eclipse Awnings will enhance the appearance of your home, meanwhile adding value to your home. Simply control the shade and look of your patio awning with the touch of a button without having unsightly poles or unnecessary structures supporting the awning, providing a sleek look. Rest assured when choosing Eclipse Awnings, one will be provided with Platinum Protection Warranty which extends standard warranties and includes limited lifetime warranty on the framework. Eclipse Awnings also offer semi cassette options in all projections to help protect the fabric when retracted and provide a clean European look.

Eclipse Awnings features partner brand leaders 100% acrylic fabrics & motor and electronics.

Total Eclipse

Retractable Awning

Many deck or porch awnings don’t give you complete coverage, leaving some parts of your deck exposed to the sun. Have a large outdoor living space? Don’t worry, we also offer extra long projections to help solve that problem, which are ideal for commercial use too!

Long Projection Motorized Awning

Are you searching for a bigger way of enjoying your outdoor living space? Eclipse Awnings is the best way to maximize your protection from the heat and sun. We are committed to providing our clients with the most technically advanced solar solutions on the market.

The Sizes We Have To Offer

Retractable awnings are virtually maintenance free and available in projections of up to 16’6’, making the 16’6 among the largest retractable awnings that can be found anywhere. Standard widths can range anywhere between 15-40 feet, but upon convenience for the customer, we are capable of customizing them even larger! A few of the benefits of these large awnings include:

  • Their large size, quality material, and innovative design blocks approximately 100% of the sun’s harmful rays and provides significant cooling on those hot summer days.
  • They are available in 4 exquisite “Qualicoat” powder coated frames finishes: caramel, white, bronze, and desert sand.
  • We offer over 200 solution dyed acrylic fabrics to match your residential or commercial property.

Our Total Eclipse Retractable Awning is the Best of Both Worlds

Your satisfaction is guaranteed because Eclipse Awning is designed to give you shade when you need it and sun when you want it. There are no unsightly poles and no costly seasonal put up and take down. With the awnings, you’re just a touch of a button away from everything you need (however we do offer manual cranks). Eclipse awning features smooth clean lines in its powder coated aluminum frame, stainless steel hardware and over 900 lbs. of spring tension in its lateral arms. This ensures a great high performance awning.

Exterior Retractable Shades

Has sun glare got you down?

Did you know you can stop up to 98% of solar heat rays from entering your home or business without inhibiting your view of the outside world?

At Polar Shades, we specialize in solutions that keep the sun at bay, helping to ensure cool and comfortable environments our clients can enjoy for years to come.

Motorized Exterior Shades Materials

Polar Shades’ exterior shades are manufactured from the highest-quality materials available. We offer a full line of fabric colors to suit the aesthetic appearance of your home or business.

Because we know the quality of our products is impeccable, we proudly offer limited lifetime warranties on all of our exterior shades. All Polar Shades’ products are designed and manufactured right here in our Las Vegas, Nevada facility.

Benefits of Polar Shades’ Exterior Shades

You’ll enjoy up to 100% of shade while preventing as much as 98% of solar rays from entering your home or business. Our shades provide a boost of energy efficiency, particularly during the sunny summer months. Because our exterior shades keep excessive heat out, the inside of your home or business will inherently stay cooler. The end result will be decreased air conditioning costs and lower energy bills.

Mounting & Operation of Motorized Exterior Shades

Polar Shades exterior shades can be mounted on any window or patio. Our products are perfect for residential buildings and business establishments, providing virtually glare-free visibility from the inside. Our motorized exterior shades make it easy for you to be more comfortable in your living space.

  • One-Touch Control – With the simple touch of a button, the shades effortlessly go up and down.
  • Full Automation – With sun and/or wind sensors, or timers, your shades will have full automation.

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